"FemSkin has changed my life! I will never be the same."
"Not only do I look like A Real Woman, I feel like A Real Woman."
"When I touch myself, I cant believe. It feels so lifelike."
"I leave home with Confidence!"
"At last, I am curvy. Protruding breasts and full hips. Such a pleasure."
"Finally a product that does not require me putting on 4 or 5 devices to look shapely."
"This is the best purchase I have made in my life."
"I went out to a bar for the first time in years and looked & felt like a million dollars. Thanks for the free wigs too."
"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

We Guarantee The Authenticity Of This Product. Leading the advancement of silicone prosthetics for the transgendered worldwide.


Anatomically Correct Flesh-Like Silicone Skin Bodysuit in a Perfect Female Form.

FemSkin is designed for the Transgendered Person, made of a soft, flesh like silicone rubber (INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!) With a super realistic female genitalia, breast and a anus. The breast consists of very stretchy outer skin and nipples only, so you can use any size and quality of breast forms on the inside you choose to. FemSkin will come with a tube of silicone and instructions to glue breast forms into the FemSkin breast.

Now the suit is about 1/4" thick all over, no more built in padding. The hips and thighs are 3/4" smaller around, tighter. The chest and waist is 1/2" larger around. The liner will be attached to the back side (inside) of the suit any options will be installed after the liner to the back side or inside of the liner. The vagina and nipples molds are now part of the FemSkin mold making the different colored vagina and nipples one piece with the FemSkin and not glued on parts. With the same technology we can add art work to the suits in any color with the suit being another color and it still be a one piece silicone suit. The FemSkin fetish line will be a lot like latex fetish clothes but made out of silicone, not latex. Silicone is very soft and very stretchy, latex is not very soft and is not very stretchy making silicone the superior material and our material of choice.
The gel padding is a master piece! The padding wraps all the way around the waist and three fourths the way around the thigh. The sticky back will hold the padding on the body under pantyhose alone. The inside of the padding is filled with gel silicone giving the padding dimension with jiggle. The Padding is skin tone in color and can be worn with the suit or under some other garment.

FemSkin is very soft, very stretchy and very strong, stretching many times it's original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion. The ankles, neck and shoulders are tapered to a featheredge and are hard to detect or see, a sexy choker, stockings and nice top works well. The feet go down to the ankles.

Included is the Penis Pouch inside the female genitalia with a built in urethra tube connected to the urethra orifice making it possible to urinate from within the bodysuit. See photos below.

The penis pouch is the female belly tissue. The penis is held in a upright position inside the belly tissue.

The pouch is larger then what you can see, what you can see is a thin silicone ring (gasket) 2" inside the entrance to hold liquid in the upper part of the pouch.

Note the thin tube. The pencil is pointing at the female genitalia end of the pouch. The tube lets the liquid flow from the top of the pouch down to and out the female genitalia.

Also the pouch's contour. The shape is the same as the belly on the mold part just behind the pouch. This is how we hide the penis inside the FemSkin.

The insertable rectum for the anus is made of a very soft and clear medical grade silicone, designed to stay inside your body during sex. No bowl movements can pass through but objects are insertable .
FemSkin is small, tight and stretchy like pantyhose. It is a silky smooth skin and will shape your body to a sexy female form.

FemSkin's measurements are 34" chest X 26" waist X 39" hips. Because FemSkin is very stretchy it will fit any male from 5'5" tall to 6'10" tall, 135lbs to 245lbs.

THE FEMSKIN FACTORY. Kind of like Santa's Workshop

Your credit card will be charged in full at the time of your order. Once you process your order on our shopping cart and get a confirmation, the charge is Non-Refundable. Each FemSkin is Made to Order.

We will email you 1 week before we ship and again with shipping info when we ship.

Your FemSkin will be shipped discreetly via UPS in brown a cardboard box, wrapped in Bubble Wrap. Never hang your FemSkin on a hanger. When done using, rewrap in the bubble wrap. Baby powder should be used on your body before wearing your FemSkin. Only use water based cleaning agents to wipe down your FemSkin.

Treat yourself to this fantastic and innovative product.

Order FemSkin in soft, medium or deep to best match the color of your skin.

Retail Price for FemSkin Complete- $3,299.99 plus shipping and handling.
Sale Price for FemSkin Complete (for a limited time)- $2,699.99 plus shipping and handling.

Overseas shipping varies by country so we will email you the shipping fees.
3 to 4 weeks ship time
Price: $2699.99


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