Item: Zippy & Sexy Mask.

Our best selling rubber fetish mask. Combining the sheer sexiness of all black shiny rubber with zesty zippers (can a zipper be zesty?) produces a combination our customers have loved ever since we introduced this product many moons ago.

You might have questions like: "exactly how zippy or how sexy is this mask"? Unfortunately, we can't answer that, because these characteristics are qualitative, rather than quantitative, and therefore a subject to unique interpretation. (Yes, we learned these words in college - so, for anyone wondering, college is not a total waste of time, it can help you write descriptions for products on your website). High quality stretchy latex material, zipper in back, one size fits all.

Shipping Time: One Week.

Price: $ 79.99 plus shipping and handling.

ProductID: Zippy & Sexy Mask
one week ship time
Price: $ 79.99



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